Ref: PSK-30 OFC 99.99% Copper or CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum)

specs available: 10 Gauge Normal Kit
1-17ft(5.18m) 10Ga Clear Red Power Cable
1-3ft(0.91m) 10Ga Clear Black Ground Cable 1-17ft(5.18m) Clear+Clear Black Twisted RCA Interconnect with Plastic Plugs
1-17ft(5.18m) 18Ga Clear Blue Remote Wire 1-17ft(5.18m) 16Ga Clear Black Speaker Wire
1-Satin Nickel Plated ATC in-line Fuse Holder
1-Nickel Plated ATC Fuse
2-10Ga Nickel Plated Ring Terminals, 1R&1B
2-10Ga Nickel Plated Spade Terminals, 1R&1B
2-Butt Connectors, big size, red
1-Rubber Grommet
2-Self-tapping Screws
10-15cm Cable Ties 2-0.25’’(6.35mm) Nickel Plated Female Disconnectors, 1R&1B
2-14-16Ga Nickel Plated Spade Terminals, 1R&1B

100% Customizable
We welcome customization on all our kits: choose the cables, specifications and accessories that you would like in your kit or as our recommendation. Any colors, branding and packaging along with custom designs involving tooling available.
100% in house production
We produce our own cables from copper strands diameter formation, strands braiding, cable injection, soldering, connector injection, plastic injection and others
25+ Years experience
We have more than 25 years of experience making cables and accessories of all kinds along with sales to all the biggest retailers around the world over the years