Established in 1989 in Ningbo, China, Ningbo Prosound Electronics Co., Ltd is a privately held professional OEM/
ODM manufacturer of consumer tech and car audio products. Products include speakers, cables and other

Our products are sold the world over with main markets being the United Statesand Europe. We supply the largest
chain stores in the world through our existing customer base and have the know how to supply good prices, on
time delivery and quality products for all our customer needs.
OUR SERVICES Manufacturing & Design
We offer full development of products from concept to production with our 5 cores development services:
Design - Mechanical - Electronics - Software - Audio.
All these services are in house and in our factory, not at a separate office in another location. This allows our
engineering team to be fully knowledgeable and involved with the production constraints of the products we
Standard development from the ground up include our regular speakers, cables, accessories and packaging but
also custom projects in other fields that involve different materials and know how such as:
-Products involving plastic injection, metal, wood.
-Products involving electronics and software development
-Assembly of in house produced parts or outsourced parts
-Different packaging types (plastic, carton, wood or other types)
-Audio products
Over the years we have worked on customs projects such as: Metal mounts for flat screen TV, custom medical
grade plastic containers, Metal body electronic cigarettes, electronic house security devices, amplifiers, Wood
floor mats, branded plastic spoons and others.
ISO 9001
ISO 140001
CSR tested
Bluetooth SIG Member
MFI certified manucturer
RoHS, REACH, Prop 65, etc.. testing capabilities
After great sound, one of the main reason customers come to us is because of our great designs. Our team of designers has a long experience in developing designs that are different from the lackluster designs found in other factories. We endeavor to diversify our styles of designs to attract different customers and markets, whether it is an edgy design for a young target audience or a classic design to appeal to an older audience, we got it covered. We like to work with different materials, whether plastic, metal, fabrics or other materials to achieve the feel and value our customers demand. Finally we work closely with our customers to provide them with brand new leading designs or simply modifies our existing designs to suits their tastes and demands. We understand sound, and that is why our sound engineers don’t just work on drivers and amplifiers but involve all our engineering departments in the process of developing audio solutions that excels and amaze. While designing our sound solutions, we take in consideration all the parts that will affect the final quality of our sound, starting with power supply and all the way to the drivers. We consider that all parts found on one of our speaker will affect the quality of the finished sound solution and that is why our sound engineers are actual leaders leading our engineering departments toward a great sound we can be proud to listen to. With a full suite of audio testing equipment and rooms that encompass pre and post production needs, we have the tools necessaries to test, evaluate and control the quality of our sound solutions. We also work along with our customer to get the sound that they want and that fit their tastes and markets.